Our Farms

Snake Den Farm is the home of several diverse farms working in collaboration with each other on the land.  Our mission is to get the land at the farm back in production, while using conservation-minded techniques to ensure that we are farming in partnership with nature.

Are you interested in farming land at Snake Den? 




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Cucumber Hill Farm 

Cucumber Hill Farm is a historic farm located on Cucumber Hill Road in Foster, RI. Owners Marc and Christine Paulhus lease and maintain hay land at Snake Den to feed to their cattle.  They feature Pick Your Own pumpkins and a corn maze at their farm on weekends during the fall. They are a local Foster family with the goal of maintaining Cucumber Hill Farm for the community to enjoy.


Foggy Notion Farm

Adam Graffunder, Jenna Yu and Nathaniel Wood are growing soil and food on historic farmland surrounded by the beautiful forests of Snake Den State Park without chemical inputs. They use innovative growing techniques learned by transforming vacant city lots into productive farms.  Foggy Notion Farm offers vegetables through CSA shares, restaurant orders, donations and farmers markets.  

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Professor Chef Honey Company

Professor Chef Honey Company was created out of our desire to cook with only the best, freshest and local ingredients.  They grow most of their own produce at out North Providence home, but noticed some of our plants just did not flourish. Doing a bit of research they determined that it was the lack of honeybees impeding their harvest!!  They started with one hive in their backyard, then grew to two.  That year they had a bounty of onions, strawberries, beets, peppers, squash, cucumbers, peaches and plums, just to name a few.  Then they approached Snake Den State Park and Farm to see if they could place a few hives there to help pollinate the crops grown in the area. They currently have 6 hives at that location. Honeybees will fly up to 3 miles to collect pollen and nectar.  Professor Chef hopes that the farmers at the Snake Den property have noticed the difference their bees are making! 


Wicked Tulips Flower Farm 

EcoTulips began in 2009 when Keriann, a self described "green girl" met Jeroen Koeman, who hailed from a Dutch family of tulip growers. They fell in love, got married, and started the first certified organic flower bulb company in the US, EcoTulips.com. In September 2015 they moved from Central Virginia to Rhode Island and started their new endeavor Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. The duo has been importing bulbs from Holland and are now growing their own! Keriann is a native New Englander so Rhode Island's proximity to family combined with the colder climate made it perfect for starting a tulip farm here in the States - a long time dream of Jeroen's. They are incredibly proud and excited to be the only tulip bulb growers on the East Coast!

As they did in Virginia, the couple will open up their farm to visitors in the spring. They planted 300,000 tulips and will host the only U-pick Tulip Event in New England! Tiptoe through their 2 acre tulip field and experience the sights, sounds and smells of spring. Bring home a fresh picked bouquet of the most amazing tulips you have ever seen. Visit their u-pick website www.wickedtulips.com for details.