Open House for Future SDF Farmers

We had our first Open House and tour for farmers interested in land on Saturday, October 14th.  Six interested farmers braved the rain to come out and take a walk around.  NRICD was able to answer a lot of questions about the specifics of leasing land at Snake Den.  We are holding our second tour this afternoon at 4 pm on-site.  Can't make it? Our farm manager can help answer any questions you may have about the process, utilities, storage, leaseholds, etc. Please fill out our contact form!

Are you applying for land?  Make sure you remember to send us a complete application, including references and farm plan!  


Sparrow Season!

It's that time again when the birders come from all over RI to Snake Den Farm to check out the amazing birds that stop on by in the fall for a snack and a rest.  Over the last few days, birders reporting to the Rhode Island Rare Bird Alert have posted that they've seen LeConte's Sparrow, Connecticut Warbler, Grasshopper Sparrow, Dickcissel, and Tennessee Warbler!  

Have you seen some interesting wildlife at Snake Den Farm?  Let us know!

Visitors checking out the birds at Snake Den Farm on 10/3/17

Visitors checking out the birds at Snake Den Farm on 10/3/17