We are no longer seeking applications for farmland at this time.

We have selected three farms to join the Snake Den Program for the 2018 season, and will be getting our farmers settled for this growing season.

Are You Still Looking for Land to Farm in Rhode Island? 

Even though Snake Den Farm isn't offering land for lease at this time, we work with some really great organizations that are willing to help!

The New England Farmland Finder website is a regional farm property clearing house that makes it easy to search available farm properties in Rhode Island and other New England states.  For more information, click the logo on the right.

In 2016, the Southside Community Land Trust received a USDA - Beginning Farmer and Rancher Grant and formed the Land Access Working Group which includes the Northern RI Conservation District, Young Farmer Network, The Nature Conservancy of RI, RI Department of Environmental Management, RI Land Trust Council, and Land For Good.  Click the picture for more information.

The goal of this group is to help connect people seeking farmland with landowners who would like to lease or sell in order to keep the land in production.  Are you a farmseeker or do you have farmland for lease or sale in RI?  Please fill out the forms below.

The New England Ag Exchange is an online forum for connecting about farming, land, jobs, stuff, and other agricultural stuff. The N.E. Ag Exchange is powered by Farm Fresh Rhode Island, and brought to you in partnership with Young Farmer Network, RI DEM, and RI Farm Bureau.

While NRICD is not accepting applications for farmland at this time, you can view our application documents below.