Request for Proposal- Closed

The Application for farmland at Snake Den Farm is below, as well as a summary of available land.  We are not seeking new applications at this time, but stay tuned for more information on our programs in the future.



The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD) is seeking 2-3 conservation-minded agricultural producers with several years of experience who are looking to establish an agricultural enterprise at Snake Den Farm in Johnston, RI.  As the land is owned by the State of Rhode Island, Snake Den Farm offers a uniquely secure lease opportunity for farmers. We offer eligible leaseholders the choice of long lease terms, options to renew, and potential for increased acreage over time. NRICD is also dedicated to partnering with farmers to build infrastructure and create a collaborative, farmer/producer-driven, financially successful agricultural community on the site. That said, this project is in the startup phase. We have accomplished much thus far with limited financial and staff resources, and it is expected that leaseholders at Snake Den will focus mainly on running their own great farm enterprises, but Snake Den Farm at present is geared toward resourceful individuals who are excited to be part of creating a new project, are able to cooperatively problem-solve, and feel they can work well within the overall vision. 

What is currently available?

  •  Land- plots varying in size from 1.5 acres to 8 acres
  • Storage space (limited)
  •  Potential for water access and electricity
  • Opportunity to build infrastructure on leaseholds

While livestock may be considered, there is no livestock housing or infrastructure available at this time.


NRICD is seeking agricultural producers with:

  • Farming experience, gained either through running a farm or by having a range of experience in skilled work for other farms.
  • A working knowledge of, or commitment to learn, methods of conservation farming, and agree to use conservation best management practices (BMPs) on their leaseholds.

Lease Rates:

Storage $1 square foot/year

Metered rates for electricity and irrigation

Cropland: $160/acre per year

Hayland: $100/acre per year

Management Fee: $500/year


NRICD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.  If you will need any help with applying or translation, please call NRICD at 401.934.0840 with questions, or email Kate Sayles at


Please complete the application  and submit with the necessary additional information:

  • Basic Farm Plan (Something demonstrating basic farm budgets and management --see the Snake Den Farm website for templates/examples)
  • 2 References
  • Work history

Potential Land Available:

Fields Snake Den Proper.jpg

NOTE: Brown and Hartford Avenue fields will be included in land available, final approval pending.

Satellite Fields Snake Den.jpg

Available Field Information

For additional information on soils, please click here

Fields 2 and 3 Snake Den.jpg
Fields 4 and 10 Snake Den.jpg
Field 7 Soils.jpg

Note: Brown and Hartford Avenue fields will be included in land available, final approval pending

Brown Ave Soils.jpg
Hartford Ave Soils.jpg